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09-Feb-2017 04:50

Unlike any other laser scanner on the market today, Insignia employs two embedded motion-tracking devices to allow for patient movement during the scanning procedure.

The device determines the position and orientation of the scanner’s wand relative to the body part being scanned, casts a laser light over the body part, records a cross-sectional profile and enables the computer to accurately reconstruct the full three-dimensional surface.

Even more significant for patients following surgery, the Insignia scan requires very little physical contact and can be performed on patients while in bed.

A unique symmetry feature of the Insignia software eliminates the pain and possible trauma often associated with manipulating post-surgical patients – especially spinal and amputee patients.

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Patients no longer have to endure the mess and discomfort associated with traditional plaster casting.

Using Insignia, patients can be fit for a temporary prosthesis while lying in bed, without rolling over or moving.

The clinician scans on the hemisphere of the body and the symmetry functionality built into the Insignia software creates the image of the opposite side to form a complete image with accuracy within one millimeter.

“I certainly would give anything to have my leg back, but since that isn’t a possibility, I am excited to make my prosthetic leg my own with a UNYQ cover,” says Alex Minsky, professional model and former U.

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S Marine and Purple Heart recipient who lost his leg while on duty in Afghanistan.The CAM Collection flips the notion of camouflage upside down by providing amputees a means to conceal their prosthetic leg, while wowing others with their unique look.

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