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05-Dec-2016 14:45

Especially, Chinese people are very particular about the amenity of 'courtesy demands reciprocity'. This is a very important etiquette in communication.Present day Chinese culture is an amalgamation of old world traditions and a westernized lifestyle.Like the people in western countries, the Chinese are particular about the table manners.Through this section, you will have an acquaintance with how to use chopsticks correctly and other manners about dining.Before your China trip, do you want to learn something practical about Chinese people's greeting etiquette?In this section, you can get some knowledge of how Chinese people greet with each other. In this section, you can learn some Chinese about how to introduce yourself to others and some tips of self-introduction.

In China, there are many strict conventional rules on introduction to others:a.

The inferior should be introduced to the superior first;d. These ways of introduction is to show high respect to the senior, the female, the superior and the guest.

However, if you are in a generally more informal occasion, the introduction to others can be less ceremonious.

Taoism advocated the controversial philosophy of inaction.

Buddhism emphasized on the need to attain self- emancipation through good deeds.

Only your full name with a simple greeting is enough on informal occasions: Being introduced If someone is making the introductions, to introduce your self is considered disrespectful.

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