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09-Aug-2016 12:28

The building is currently known as 'Site D' due to the numbers of buildings in the new Europaallee district–eight in total, each assigned a letter, 'A-H'.

photography and clear typography come together in an extraordinary way.’ Stedelijk Museum Museumplein 101071 DJ Amsterdamthe Netherlands September 29th-October 29th, 2017Read more about the exhibition Situated on a corner site, adjacent to the Flemish Opera house, the Antwerp Tower is an existing building that will be repurposed to hybrid-programmed residential tower, reusing the existing building’s structure, and shape. Currently 87m tall, and expected to be 100m when completed, the building will eventually total 59.800 m2.

So states the article: ‘From infinity pools that blend into the landscape to suspended baths linking skyscrapers together, swimming pools that push boundaries are fast becoming a statement feature in the design of a building.

While clients asking for a residential pool often favor extravagance in terms of cost and size, unusual designs can be more memorable…

Google is the district’s main tenant, and will occupy most office space in ‘Site D’, whose basement level is connected to two adjacent buildings and contains a tunnel for vehicles, so that deliveries can be made underground, minimizing automobile presence in the area.

Read more about ‘Europaallee ‘Site D’ Crown Hall Dean’s Dialogues: 2012-2017 (Actar/IITAC) collects an array of intimate thoughts from 18 of the world’s leading architects, designers, and photographers; all of whom were interviewed by students and faculty, before they lectured at the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Architecture (IIT Co A), under the tenure of Dean Wiel Arets.

The building, which originally housed offices and retail, was constructed in the early 1970’s...