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28-Feb-2016 03:18

The truth of my husband using pornography burned up my desire for him. I hated myself for not being good enough – a lie I embraced to help me understand why my husband would do such a thing. My attitude reflecting the ugly I was processing, the ugly truth that my husband chose pornography over his wife.I could feel my posture start to melt, slumping down with my head hung low. In the moment of my husband telling me the truth that he had been viewing pornography I could feel intimate connections we had made start to crumble. I could feel myself frantically putting back up all the walls that took so long for me to let down so that trust could exist in our marriage.

We loved being married and desired that our relationship was strong. My husband and I had both hurt each other in ways we never thought we would, we said things we never thought we would ever say.35% of boys say they have viewed pornographic videos “too many times to count.” More than half of boys and nearly a third of girls see their first pornographic images before they turn 13.