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21-Sep-2016 17:18

If a particle happens to be of a certain makeup or shape, it will tend to absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others, thus giving the perception of a certain color.

Paravision has an interesting page on the anatomy of an orb.

I have been capturing alot of orbs with my digital camera.

At first it was only 1, now there seem to be dozens.

By this point the "orbs" had gotten smaller so I "asked" to make them bigger.

Almost immediatley I got a large one, just like the first along with another picture of a shower of orbs.

Do you have a theory on why certain orbs are colored? Update: I've found an excellent page (by Gettysburg Ghosts) that lists the possible meanings of colored orbs.

Orbs, have seen them behind the house, in the wagon trail, the coaches would come in to the house.

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Dee asked whether a red orb should be considered negative or harmful.But, I never saw with my eyes the orbs until after the pictures were taken. Coincidence or real, honest-to-goodness paranormal orbs? (I can't upload the pictures right now because this computer doesn't support my memory stick.) Thanks, Annie Hi Annie.

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