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07-Feb-2016 01:18

This widget is great for placing a single Evernote function anywhere you like. A new snapshot note will be added to your Evernote account with an auto-generated title.

Quick snapshot The newest widget function is the Quick Snapshot. Tap on the Quick Snapshot icon, camera with lightning bolt, to launch the camera. As always, besides the new features you see, there are lots of behind the scenes bug fixes and stability improvements that make the app faster and more reliable.

As it turns out, most of these ideas didn't pan out until Android TV. Not all widgets use the feature, but optimized widgets can resize by dragging and take up more or less home screen real estate.

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Today, we have an exciting update to Evernote for Android (3.6).

With the developer preview of Android "L," announced at Google's IO conference on July 25th and coming to devices this fall, we wanted to take a look back through the years at how Andy Rubin’s brainchild has evolved into the industry titan that it is today. Initially, many features that we couldn't live without today were missing — an on-screen keyboard, multitouch capability, and paid apps, for instance — but the foundation was in place, and a few lasting trademarks of the platform debuted on those very first G1s to roll off the assembly line: The pull-down notification window.

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