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We are a group of international clashers hailing from the US, UK, India, Barbados, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Ireland, Canada & Australia i.e.

Because our clans are so diverse you can expect donations 24/7 with people being up at different times of the day.

All of the explanation below goes back up to the top.

I was very hesitant to start a relationship with him since I'm aware of some stereotypes.

A westward turn on September 7 took the center across the central Bahamas on the 7th and 8th and into the Straits of Florida on the 9th.

The now large hurricane was of Category 4 intensity as the eye passed just south of Key West, Florida and the Dry Tortugas on September 10.

Muslims believe in One God and therefore live by a moral code they believe is set organically by Him.

The one thing that makes me feel depressed is that my boyfriend won't even give me a hug goodbye when it's time to go in front of them.

I understand some relationships do beat the odds, but very few.

and how big of a deal is it to be introduced to his mom and sister?

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Jordan- I tend to agree with you and I'm not pro intercultural relationships.

I told him more than a few times "you know I'm a christian, and we are allowed to date.