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20-May-2016 00:45

But really, you don’t even know how it’s going to work and wish they would stop asking that question. But from now on, you’ll never date anyone who doesn’t propose to you within the first couple of days. But regardless, staying in the house of a Cuban without paying is ILLEGAL.

This blog post is for all y’all who got lost in the Cuban sauce and the things I’ve learned that has made my life easier having a long-distance relationship in one of the most difficult countries in the world. No proposal means he’s just not willing to be extra about you. In addition, the owners of casa particulares probably won’t appreciate you bringing over a Cuban man or woman unannounced.

It’s best to either have a set time planned to connect and give him your undivided attention.

OR email him the time of day you’re able to talk, and then he can meet you online at that time. If He Hasn’t Talked To You, It’s Because He Ran Out Of Money.

If you’re worried about infidelity, I suggest you not get into a relationship with one.

Email is a special thing in Cuba because they don’t need to connect to internet to send an email.

It is part of their phone plan and 100 times easier for them to use, especially if they don’t live near an wifi park.

The thing about Cuban papis is that, if they don’t talk to you, it’s never because they forgot about you.

It’s because the internet was out in the wifi park or because he ran out of money and can’t buy another internet card.Yea, yea, your friends are asking you how that works, exactly? Well, getting a marriage proposal is completely normal in Cuba.

I rate it a 3 though because, like most soap operas, they are guiltily addictive and the stupidity can be entertaining.… continue reading »

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And because women initiate the first message, it's often called "Feminist Tinder". Dating app Price: Free What You Need To Know:- You get unlimited potential matches aka you won't put your phone down for hours.- You can swipe right or left on people.… continue reading »

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"I know I have fallen into this pattern for two reasons: Using the first person to discuss successes feels to me as if I'm bragging, and I cannot shake the idea that if someone knows it's just me in control, the value of what we do will go down.… continue reading »

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One of the earlier GPS-powered social networks, Brightkite isn’t a “dating” app per se, but rather, introduces local users on a basic level.… continue reading »

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Since 2008, Ruffalo has publicly expressed opposition to fracking, and particularly hydraulic fracking, and said he considers it a personal mission to help clean up what’s happening around his home.“I live along the Delaware River.… continue reading »

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J’espère vous aider à vous faire sentir deux, pour vous sentir mieux dans votre couple! Découvrir qui nous sommes depuis la trahison, voilà la première étape pour refaire confiance.… continue reading »

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