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Everything you could possibly think of has been thoroughly considered to provide the highest chances of a person shooting down the consumer purchase tunnel and parting with their cash.That’s where the importance of brand and trust comes in.They had got the marketing mix down to a tee and it was more than enough for me to work and feel good about it working! I was chatting to one of our advertisers the other day.Elphicks, a furniture store based in Huntingdon is now in its fifth generation and Sue the Finance Director said something that got me thinking.“We had an 80 year old in the other day who was What’s App’ing our sofas to her daughter”! But the belief still exists that today’s swish digital world is a young person’s game…and anyone who’s still got a thing for Cliff Richard is somehow alien to the net.In fact, I was working with a group of GCSE students recently and many said they were leaving Facebook because ‘’Mum and Gran are on there – it’s sooo not cool seeing your Gran comment on your posts’.Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why, in just six months last year, Facebook rival Instagram added 100 million to its daily user count and is now being tagged ‘the youth platform’.I was thankful of this as the timing could not have been better.

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Each platform has its own appeal – and subtle changes to your messaging can make all the difference.Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.Every aspect of the consumer purchase funnel was considered in my purchase.

I had a high level of brand awareness of the products due to their extensive advertising AND I had been captured close to the purchasing by the local department store’s cleverly timed and targeted discount email. )To find out more about E-newsletters and display advertising click HERE .Yes, Amazon could have delivered to my door in a flash, but I had the week off work, had little planned and actually quite relished popping into the shop for a browse anyway. Search engines will mark you down if your info is inconsistent in the 50 places it appears across the internet. Ensuring your business is consistent right across the internet makes it easy for customers to find you, trade with you, build a relationship with you…whilst making sure Rab C Nesbitt soundalikes get the beauty sleep they need without the unnecessary disturbance.