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Then I would come home and I would be playing her stuff that her teacher had been playing." One of the seasoned musicians with whom she played that first night invited her to join the band's rehearsals "so she could actually learn something," and her rehearsals soon grew into regular performances spanning almost a year.

She does not consider herself a musical prodigy, having said, "I am surrounded by prodigies everywhere I go, but because they are a little older than me, or not a female, or not on a major label, they are not acknowledged as such." Spalding had intended to play cello, Spalding found school in general "easy – and boring" and dropped out.

For this project, she embarked on a creative experiment beginning Thursday, September 12, 2017 at 9 a.m.

PDT, setting out to create the album from start to finish in 77 consecutive hours, while streaming the whole creative process live on Facebook.

When she was 15 or 16 years old, she started writing lyrics for music for the local indie rock/pop group Noise for Pretend, touching on any topic that came to mind.

Her desire to perform live evolved naturally out of the compositional process, when she would sing and play simultaneously to see how melody and voice fit together, but she acknowledges that performing both roles can be challenging.

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Minvu liquidó contrato y se detuvo la construcción de tercer puente en Temuco y Padre Las Casas Lunes, 25 Septiembre 2017 La Seremi de Vivienda y Urbanismo de La Araucanía, confirmó que las obras del tercer puente...Her proficiency earned her scholarships to Portland State University and the Berklee College of Music.

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