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In a column yesterday, Christina Hoff Sommers brilliantly dissected as well as lampooned some recent heights of the present frenzy, such as Farhad Manjoo at the suddenly in constant fear of him? Manjoo is simply engaging in male posturing of the most prostrate and supplicant variety.

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For as Jonah Goldberg mentioned in his recent column, this whole realm is in flux, and debate is going to be needed if this panic is going to be resolved in a sensible manner.Continuing my investigative nutrition a little further, I asked one of restaurant employees why Acai was so special. "It has more than any other food." So apparently the Acai berry is special because of its extraordinary antioxidant content.Sometime in the l990s, people who were not biological chemists (that is, the rest of us...) started to hear about something called antioxidants.A juice bar/health food restaurant located along my dog walking route is always crowded with diners sitting at sidewalk tables and eating large mounds of a mud colored food with the consistency of chocolate pudding. "It comes from a berry that is found in Brazil," she said. I was not tempted to try it, not liking gloppy foods, but I did wonder if Acai really was a health wonder food. How could I have missed out on eating such a spectacularly nutritious food?

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The mud, upon closer inspection, is dark purple and served with chunks of banana and sprinkles of granola. "It is supposed to be superfood healthy." "So that is how you say it," I responded. Certainly the people eating it all looked exceptionally healthy, most were thin, and when I asked two guys, about 33, in their bike shorts and tank tops what was so special about the Acai, they responded, almost in unison, that it was a superfood. I had seen some claims for the Acai berry headlined in the tabloid magazines for sale at the supermarket check-out counter, but discounted them.

To that end, there is still one aspect of all this that seems cordoned off.