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He also found organisms in water from the canal next to his home in Delft.He experimented with samples by adding vinegar or brandy and found that this resulted in the immediate immobilization or killing of the organisms suspended in water.Similarly, the mouth should not be rinsed out with water after brushing.Patients were told to "spit don't rinse" after toothbrushing as part of a National Health Service campaign in the UK.That remained the state of affairs until the late 1960s when Harald Loe (at the time a professor at the Royal Dental College in Aarhus, Denmark) demonstrated that a chlorhexidine compound could prevent the build-up of dental plaque.

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Examples of commercial mouthwashes companies include Cēpacol, Colgate, Corsodyl, Dentyl p H, Listerine, Odol, Oral-B, Sarakan, Scope, Tantum verde, and Biotene.

Despite a lack of evidence that prescription mouthwashes are more effective in decreasing the pain of oral lesions, many patients and prescribers continue to use them.