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27, 1996), 62 FR 20211 (April 25, 1997), 62 FR 44842 (Aug. Accordingly, the NIEs listed herein are those entered into the public records of the Office between December 5, 1997, and January 21, 1998. On the other hand, owners of works that are still within their eligible filing period may continue to file such notices with the Copyright Office and receive constructive notice, and the Office will continue to publish a list of eligible NIEs in the Federal Register. Correction of Previously Filed NIEs Correction NIEs for major errors (essentially, major errors in title and owner information) on any NIE filed Page 5143 must be submitted within the eligibility period. Minor errors may be corrected at any time without regard to eligibility for filing, pursuant to the interim regulation on Correction NIEs, published at 62 FR 55736 (Oct. NIEs are located in what is known as the Copyright Office History Documents (COHD) file, which is available from computer terminals located in the Copyright Office itself or from terminals located in other parts of the Library of Congress through the Library of Congress Information System (LOCIS).


Cineproducciones Internacionales, SA de CV, Producciones EGA, SA de CV, Producciones Rosas Priego, SA de CV & Gazcon Fil.

SEE Carlton Film Distibutors Limited, (formerly known as Rank Film Distributors Limi.

(assignee of Tele-Hachette & Mondex Films, SA) & Vides Cinematografica, Sa S (Rome).

Terence Spencer black and white Beatles photographs.

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Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd, Gentosha, Ltd. Page 5144 Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd. Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., Directors Company, Inc., Kokusai Hoei Company, Ltd. Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., Gendaieigasha. Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., Hyogensha. Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., Imamura Productions. Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., Jinrikihikokisha. Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., Kihachi Productions. Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., Nikkatsu Studio, New Century Producers.


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